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Best place to live in NZ? New Brighton

17:00, Jul 19 2014
New Brighton Pier, proudly displaying its lighting
A SIGHT TO BEHOLD: A stroll along New Brighton pier can help clear the mind, says Ben.

It seems weird that I would put New Brighton as my choice of best town in New Zealand, as I left the area over 12 months ago.

The truth is that after a year domiciled elsewhere, it has become apparent that a piece of my heart was left behind.

New Brighton is full of beauty, both in its landscape and its inhabitants. A mid-winter dawn observed from the beach is an experience rarely forgotten.

A stroll down the pier can clear the mind any time of the year.

At night, its illuminated lighting (provided largely due to a considerable fund-raising drive) is a sight to behold.

Aside from the landscape, the New Brighton community is unlike any other I have known. New Brightonians have a reputation for creativity, whether it is painting murals on the walls of local businesses in the mall, selling their arts and crafts at the local market once a month, or performing as a part of the strong local music scene, New Brighton quite possibly has the highest concentration of artists anywhere in New Zealand.


There is quite a bohemian feel about the place, and it's doubtful that the locals would have it any other way. Because there is always a sense of pride prevalent.

Once you've experienced New Brighton, it will never leave you.

That is why I believe it is the best town in New Zealand.

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