Our neighbours are awesome

06:07, Mar 18 2016
STREET SMILES: How do you get along with your neighbours?

In the words of a famous TV soap theme tune: "Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours." 

But how many of us have taken the time to get to know ours?

New Zealand's biggest celebration of neighbourliness, on March 19 and 20, is designed to change all that, with loads of events being held throughout the country to help local communities get to know each other. 

We love the idea of making new friends and sharing some community love, so we want to hear all about your awesome neighbours. 

Whether they've helped you out in a crisis or just been nice to natter to on a sunny afternoon, tell us about your nicest neighbours. 

How did you get to know your neighbours and what does being a good neighbour mean to you? 

Do you still live nearby or have you moved apart but stayed friends? Maybe you live in a street where all the neighbours get on and organise street events or parties? 

Share your best neighbour stories, and photos if you have them, by clicking the green button below.