Americans plan NZ move after election

01:44, Nov 07 2012
TWEETS: According to Twitter, New Zealand could be inundated with Americans after today's election.

New Zealand could be inundated with Americans following today's election. 

As the results begin to come in from the United States, hundreds of users of social networking website Twitter have tweeted to say they will move to New Zealand if the result doesn't go their way.

It is unclear what sparked the decision to choose New Zealand over other countries. 

Strangely, although New Zealand's government would be considered left of America's, both Obama and Romney supporters have suggested the move here.

Twitter user @Grantrebhun said: "If Romney wins, I'm throwing a party. If Obama wins I'll be throwing a going away party, cause I'll be moving to New Zealand".

Em Holmes tweeted "If Romney wins, I'm packing up my things and loved ones and moving to New Zealand. It won't even be safe to be in the same continent."

And New Zealand Twitter users seemed happy to accept the influx.

Paul Brislen tweeted: "New Zealand is an incredibly friendly place and we won't mind that you don't like us. We'll show you around".


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