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19:05, Dec 03 2012
Trevor, Lotto Powerball Winer
PETROL HEAD: Trevor Cooper loves his racing.

The world is waiting for any sign of a baby bump on Kate Middleton - and it seems Prince William is keener than ever to start trying for a family.

Actually, it appears no-one wants it more than the gossip magazines.

When the Duke of Cambridge came across newborn Hugo Vicary at a public event he "looked like a natural dad", according to the Woman's Weekly's latest splash.

While Middleton just stroked the baby's head, William didn't hesitate to hold him, confidently scooping baby Hugo into his arms.

With his 30th birthday just weeks away, the prince might find the time is just right to have a baby.

The cover story quotes a royal commentator saying that it was hard to believe William would allow himself to be photographed with a baby at a public event, without being aware of the headlines it would generate.

But parenthood may be a long way away yet, with palace aides claiming the couple want to wait until after the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The fact that Middleton was "alarmingly thin and may have difficulty conceiving" presents another obstacle, the magazine said.

Add her career to the mix, and the duchess might want to wait a while longer before turning her attention to motherhood.

Back home Trevor, the $26m Powerball winner from Te Kauwhata, has revealed he already has someone special in his life.

Trevor has told the Woman's Weekly he's been enjoying the female attention since his windfall, but he's not looking for a partner.

"There is someone special who is a friend at the moment," he said.

Trevor, 34, recently bought a black Holden ute, a $160,000 trailer boat, and an eight-year-old Dodge Ram pick-up truck with his winnings.

He also purchased three new properties in Auckland for him, his sister and parents Kevin and Shirley.

Trevor has been keeping a low profile and was forced to leave his job at Countdown as a checkout operator due to the attention.

He had vowed to keep working, but didn't turn up to his 5am shift after staff tipped him off, saying media were waiting for him outside and he hasn't been back since.

"I've been in to visit and I am missing my job - everyone in the store, we're family. If someone's having a hard week we'll give each other help," he said.

Though Trevor had plenty to be happy about, he got serious when talking about the downside of his win.

"We have had our fair share of people putting their hand out - people we know and people we don't know. At this stage, I've helped some people who have helped me."

Trevor has decided to distribute donations via a charitable trust, to which anyone can apply for funding.

Within five minutes of being named the Powerball winner, he had 22,000 friend requests on Facebook, he said.

Trevor may be shying away from the media attention, but mum and daughter Sally and Jaime Ridge are seeking it.

The pair confirmed in New Idea that they are filming the pilot of a reality TV show for TV3.

The Kiwi Kardashians, as they are known, told the magazine that the public criticism of their relationship did "irk".

"I used to get hurt by the flak, especially if I felt my kids were picked on, but I'm at the point in my life where I don't care anymore what people think about me because I'm content with my life and who I am," Sally said.

Sally, 41, said she and Jaime were close because they always spent time together, particularly as she was a solo-parent.

"We rely on each other. If we are ever down, we are there for each other," she said.

Jaime Ridge added: "I love how mum's always there for me when I need her, how she's fun to be with. She's an amazing friend, but ultimately she is my mum."

The 18-year-old student said she was hands on with her three siblings and hoped to have a family of her own one day.

"Like everyone else, I have aspirations to be successful and have a family, but career-wise I don't narrow myself down to anything in particular. I get offered lots of opportunities so I am flexible in my thinking," she said.

For actress Jennifer Aniston, whose own baby plans have been obsessed over by the gossip mongers for years, it appears the news is bad - and final.

She had admitted to friends that she and her partner Justin Theroux would never have children, according to Woman's Day's cover story.

The pair had undergone several rounds of IVF treatment, but with no luck.

Theroux admitted he wasn't so keen on the idea of having a family, saying hanging out with Aniston's friends with children had put him off it, the report claimed.

Aniston, 43, was "totally shocked and upset" and spent six hours in therapy before discussing the issue further.

If it was a choice between Theroux and being alone, she would choose Theroux, she told a friend.

The pair were still going ahead with the wedding, but had decided their baby dreams were over, the magazine concluded.


Kate Middleton
ROYAL BOD: Kate Middleton was looking trim as she strolled along a beach on the Seychelles.
SECRETLY MARRIED? Jennifer Aniston.