Massey racism debate rages

Heated debate erupts at university, in light of white-supremacist comments by the historic PM it's named for.

Beaten, then carjacked

The woman was outside an Auckland mall when she was attacked. She was found later, drifting in and out of consciousness, by a passerby.

Mysterious bus shelter theft solved

Selling stolen property is a serious crime. Unless of course, the property was never actually stolen.

Tasers' bark is worse than bite

They don't work about a third of the time - but they still frighten offenders.

Voting shenanigans alleged

Hamilton's showpiece mayoral debate has been marred by allegations of skulduggery.

Labour young gun tackles car thief

When Kieran McAnulty saw someone eyeing up his ute, he deployed skills learnt from playing with the parliamentary rugby team.

Shooter 'a big marshmallow'

Shooter who turned gun on cop is "normally a loving, kind, caring-as guy".

Getaway driver 'panicked'

Hunt for man after bashing

Engineering society loses sponsors over stunt

A brewery giant and an insurance company have pulled their sponsorship of a university society after a student was seriously injured in a stunt.

Night at the museum

The childhood dream of spending a night at the museum has become reality for a Red Beach School class.

Change the name of Massey Uni

Student loan interest call

Loans already daunting, say students

High school and tertiary students say adding interest to student loans would make them even scarier.

'Her heart just stopped'

Jordyn Jarvis, 7, was sitting in bed talking and laughing. Then she was gone, thanks - it's thought - to an undiagnosed heart condition.

Rehab centres rely on charity

"We've even had people walk into the office before with an envelope of money."

When drugs come before safety

Special guests at (Rebel) Base Hospital

Daughter turns parents' carer

Carolyn Delaney "had to fight for" support to help her care for her elderly parents at home.

We are not all 'one people'

A mayor fighting for better Maori representation on councils says a new 'anti-separatist' group is no better than the colonists.

PM pans 'Maori favouritism' campaign

Kiwis aren't interested in Don Brash's "broken record" of separatism claims, John Key says.

PM: Clark should stay in the race

If Dumbledore were mayor...

Greens' choice a Shaw thing

The Greens have made the right call by handing the finance role to their co-leader.

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