Severe quake, jolts continue

A 5.5 quake near Seddon and dozens of smaller tremors brought back unpleasant memories for some.

Boy, 8, 'stabbed in fall'

He was airlifted, along with his mum, to Whanganui Hospital for treatment after the accident.

Elephant Rock loses trunk

The ever-changing Taranaki coastline might have claimed a new victim.

'I just burst into tears'

5:00am Home trashed and irreplaceable family jewellery stolen by teen desperate to fund synthetic cannabis addiction.

Urgent action needed over synthetic cannabis

5:00am The synthetic cannabis ban was a 'knee-jerk response' giving criminals power over supply, NZ drug foundation says.

Building site burglaries rise

Burglars target construction sites and housing developments, stealing tools and equipment to order.

Dairy owners fear robbery spike

Christchurch liquor store and dairy owners fear a January hike in cigarette prices will fuel more robberies.

Cafe worker assaulted, robber fled

Paroled sex offender back in court

Seclusion in five Canty schools

Schools say they've been unfairly fingered by the ministry for ensuring students' safety.

Teachers opt for kindys

"The pay gap's getting bigger for people doing the same job."

'Crack down on reckless boaties'

The one wheel way to school

Challenges ahead for those at the chalkface

New teachers will need to navigate a vastly different world to the one union leader Louise Green started teaching in.

Doctor drought eases

General practices finally open their books as seven new doctors start this summer.

ECT: The shocking truth

Hollywood films have been unflattering, but Electroconvulsive Therapy continues to be widely used in New Zealand hospitals.

New health centre for Westport

10, with lungs like 80-year-old smoker

Sight restored: Mandy's miracle

A young girl in the South Pacific can see again, thanks to a Wellington eye surgeon.

Gay MP takes on Tamaki

Paul Foster-Bell outs himself, saying the Destiny Church founder's anti-gay quake remarks demand a response.

Power customers won't be taxed

But they could still be left out of pocket if the lines companies are.

Crime rings targeting elderly

Victorious Labour's police pledge

Little hails Mt Roskill win

Labour leader Andrew Little says by-election victory a good sign ahead of 2017 election.

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