Man dead after crash

54-year-old dies in hospital after an earlier crash that occurred in Hawke's Bay.

$500k crashed super car driver charged

His rare and exclusive super car flipped on an Auckland motorway.

Motorcyclist killed in crash

One person dead after crash involving motorcycle and van in the Waikato.

Laundromat destroyed in fire

Firefighters too late to save business in rural Bay of Plenty.

Car crashes into Buller River

8:00pm Divers are hunting for possible occupants after a dog was recovered from the wreckage.

Senior cop stood down

Northland police officer suspended as he faces criminal investigation into sex abuse claims.

Invercargill's deadly love triangle

The city's been rocked to its core after a broken marriage ended in death. So where did it all go wrong?

Hutt school swindler paroled

Meth 'not going away'

Forsyth says goodbye to Monrad

Departing Monrad principal John Forsyth has left a positive influence on many young lives.

Resistance fighter just 'doing what I had to do'.

 Dutch resistance fighter Dora Suuring used her chemistry skills to forge documents that would save scores of Jewish lives, writes Bess Manson.

Salisbury hopes new minister will keep school open

Online learning bad fit for some

Ghost school to be demolished

For 13 years it sat empty and derelict. Now, the school - with a rateable value of $2.54m - is going.

It's our turn to fix this

OPINION: The old boys have failed to fix New Zealand's doctor shortage, now it's our turn.

Fake NZ hospital used in scam

Foreign doctors were lured by big salaries at a Wellington hospital - but "St Vincent Ranui" doesn't exist.

Future of youth survey unclear

'We don't need 13 Reasons Why'

Perils of duck hunting

Almost half of game bird hunting injuries happen during the opening weekend of the season.

An expensive addiction

OPINION: We welcome immigrants, their families, their businesses - and their money. But at what point should NZ say 'Enough'?

Everything's going Winston's way

OPINION: That sound National ministers keep hearing behind them? It's Winston Peters breathing down their necks.

The year of the door-knock

$53m on Dubai expo well spent

NZ seeks US military planes

The four maritime patrol planes have a combined price-tag of around $2 billion.

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