Brownlee: Quakes didn't cause floods

20:00, May 15 2014

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has asked for the addresses of flood-prone homes in Christchurch, but says he is still waiting to receive them.

The request comes at a time when he is casting doubt on whether it is up to the Government to fork out for those affected by the floods.

The city council has told residents to prepare themselves for a bleak winter after a flooding task force said solutions were unlikely to be in place this year.

Brownlee has now questioned whether the many recent flooding events are linked to the earthquakes, adding that the responsibility for repairing the damage, lies with the city council.

"The flooding is perhaps exacerbated by the earthquakes but not entirely caused by the earthquakes and so the responsibility lies with the council," Brownlee said on Radio New Zealand this morning.

Brownlee said the Government wanted to help Christchurch. The prime minister was in the city on March 5 and "said to the mayor, 'We will do what we can to help you. Tell us what you need'."


"We're still waiting. It's very frustrating."


Earthquake Commission consultants say the quakes have increased vulnerability to flooding.

Tonkin and Taylor, speaking yesterday at the three-day Stormwater 2014 conference, said modelling had identified thousands of properties where the land had dropped or risen up.

Each property would be visited.

The modelling had been peer reviewed but was subject to potential legal challenges.

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