Girl 'breaks police officer's glasses, nose'

CLEARING OUT: Police move on hundreds of partygoers from an address on Hansons Ln on Saturday.
CLEARING OUT: Police move on hundreds of partygoers from an address on Hansons Ln on Saturday.

A 14-year-old girl allegedly kneed a police officer in the head at least five times, breaking his glasses and his nose.

The sergeant tried to help the girl after he saw a man assaulting her outside a party in Riccarton Rd, Christchurch, about 10.30pm on Friday.

Instead, she lashed out, kneeing, punching and scratching the officer in the head, police said. She was joined by other girls who continued the attack until other officers came to their colleague's aid.

The injured officer was admitted to hospital with a broken nose and lacerations to his face and ear.

He was discharged after treatment but would require surgery to his nose, police said. Alcohol was a "major factor", Senior Sergeant Corrie Parnell said.

Two people, including the 14-year-old, were arrested.

Parnell said the incident happened after police had dealt with issues at the party and were preparing to leave. The sergeant saw the teenage girl being assaulted and went to her aid, Parnell said.

"The offender resisted arrest and the girl who was the subject of the assault began attacking the officer, punching and kneeing him in the head."

A 17-year-old man is scheduled to appear in the Christchurch District Court tomorrow charged with assaulting a female, resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.

A teenage girl had been charged with assault with intent to injure and would appear in the Youth Court.

Parnell said the officer was recovering at home.

"This kind of attack on officers who are trying to protect victims and members of the public is absolutely senseless," he said.


Boozed students pelted police with bottles as a party descended into chaos.

Firefighters were called after mattresses were set alight in the backyard of the home in Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, about midnight on Saturday.

When they arrived a crowd of up to 200 students, many from Lincoln University, were causing trouble at the corner of Suva St and Hansons Ln.

Police were called and The Press was there as they moved in and shut down the flat-warming party.

More than 20 officers blocked off Hansons Ln, lined the street and herded the students out of the area with the threat of arrest. Anyone who wasn't moving fast enough was pushed in the back and told to hurry up.

Many of the students shouted abuse, barked like dogs and threw bottles at police.

One constable was hit by a projectile and went down holding his leg.

Senior Sergeant Stephen McDaniel said the aggressive tactics used by police were necessary. The group needed to be dispersed quickly to stop them damaging property and finding more items to throw at police.

Four or five people were arrested for disorderly behaviour before the crowd disbanded.

Most of those taken into custody were held at the station to sober up, then released with a warning.

The out-of-control party was exactly the sort of alcohol-fuelled trouble police have been trying to crack down on in the Riccarton area.

A liquor ban and proactive work by a specialist group called the Riccarton West Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) has had a dramatic impact on crime in the area, police said. In February, a website called Good One was established, which allows people to register parties across the city with police.

Sergeant Stephen Jones, from the NPT, said Saturday night's party was not registered on the Good One website, set up for party planners to alert police in advance.

If it had been, police would have struck up a relationship with the organisers and offered them advice, Jones said.

"Had they registered . . . there is a high chance that it would not have got out of control."

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