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Editor of The Press, Joanna Norris.
Editor of The Press, Joanna Norris.

The Press is read by more people in Canterbury and across the South Island than any other newspaper.

The latest Nielsen Readership results released yesterday shows 191,000 people read each edition of The Press on average.

The Press editor, Joanna Norris, said the strong readership result demonstrated the commitment of readers to news from The Press's local reporters across the region. The Press has more journalists in Christchurch and across the region than any other news organisation.

"Our reporters work really hard every day to break stories and ensure we are bringing our readers the important news from across the South Island and country," she said.

"We have been growing the number of news reporters to ensure we cover every aspect of the rebuild of our city and towns, and we love the support we get from the community as we do this."

The strong readership result follows the award of several Canon Media Awards to The Press journalists earlier this month. "We focus on the quality of our journalism and feedback from our readers is really important," Norris said.

The Nielsen results also reveal that readers enjoy reading The Press stories across a variety of platforms throughout the day. One in two Cantabrians read The Press daily across print, and

The Christchurch Mail, meanwhile, is the most-read community paper in Christchurch with an average of 128,000 readers each weekly issue, an increase of 3.2 per cent over the past year.

The Christchurch Star weekend edition lost 6.7 per cent of readers in the past year, falling to 98,000. The average number of readers fell 4.1 per cent for its midweek edition.

Norris said the strength of The Press and Press community newspapers across print and online showed South Islanders were deeply engaged in current affairs and cared about the communities they lived in.

The Nielsen survey, known as the Consumer and Media Insights research, is conducted throughout the year and full- year data is released on a rolling quarterly basis. It is the agreed industry standard for print media. The audit period for the current figures was Q2 2013 to Q1 2014 and covers New Zealanders aged 15 and over.

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