Postcards from the red zone

06:00, Jun 01 2014
quake christchurch
QUAKE-BATTERED CITY: Artist Julia Holden will show Aucklanders what modern day Christchurch looks like.

The immedicacy of the Christchurch earthquake might be over, but artists are making sure the rest of the country doesn't forget about February 2011.

Visual artist Julia Holden will confront Aucklanders with everything they are missing out on with a series of billboards with the tagline Wish You Were Here, which show images of present day Christchurch on a massive scale.

"Art has had, and continues to have, a very important role to play in healing Christchurch's quake-torn community," Holden says.

"This project uses art to connect our shaky-town and New Zealand's largest city."

Holden crowdsourced $5000 for the exhibition through the Art Foundation's site Boosted.

Wish You Were Here from on Vimeo.


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