Waterproof wrap for flooded homes

20:04, Jun 03 2014
Flocton community meetingf
CONCERNED: Hundreds gathered to hear about flood protection plans for the Flocton basin area.

Some flood-prone properties in the Flockton Basin may receive individual protection, including wrapping them in an "impermeable material", until an area-wide solution is introduced, the city council says.

About 300 homeowners from the St Albans-Mairehau area attended an information session hosted by the Christchurch City Council at the Edgeware Bowling Club last night.

Council land drainage operations manager Mike Gillooly said staff hoped to install a pump station on Patrick St that would ease flooding woes in the worst-hit streets, including Carrick, Thorton and Aylesford Sts and Francis Ave.

Mike Gillooly f
SEEKING ANSWERS: Council land drainage operations manager Mike Gillooly.

"This will provide a significant amount of benefit . . . but it will not solve every single house and it doesn't solve flooding for the people below Hills Rd," Gillooly said.

Based on current council modelling, the pump station could reduce the number of homes that experienced flooding over their floor levels from 28 to about nine, he said.

"For those nine . . . but that number might change, we would look at extra protection."


Wrapping homes with an "impermeable material" was an option, he said.

"When we have a forecast for a certain amount of rain, it will be up to the homeowner to close off the air vents and the exits and entrances of their home," he said.

The council would this week vote on whether or not to proceed with the installation of the St Albans pumping station, while individual house protection methods would be tested.

Gillooly said the council had been working with the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority to source a red-zoned home, wrap it with the waterproof material, "create a barrier and then fill it with water - and see what happens".

Several homeowners said they urgently needed more communication from the council to make repair or rebuild decisions.

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