Home detention for burglar

A Christchurch District Court sentencing has gone ahead after a delay caused by police concerns about the address where the offender will serve eight months' home detention.

Judge Gary MacAskill has decided the proposed Waltham address could be used for the home detention sentence.

He expects Community Probation will impose conditions to stop Alois John Seil, 23, associating with gang members or having members visiting the house.

If there were problems, he has said he expected probation to apply to review the home detention sentence - which means a prison term would be likely.

Seil had admitted a burglary charge arising from a home invasion by five men at a Linwood house last June. Two of the others have already been sentenced: one was jailed, and one got home detention and community work. The home invasion was an effort to take funds or items from one of the residents.

Although Seil did not take anything, nor make any threats, he stayed in the house to encourage the main offender after he became aware that demands and threats were being made.

Judge MacAskill said issues about safety and welfare had been raised by the police about the home detention address, but it was now accepted that the Probation Service could deal with the matter.

Seil says he is not associated with any gang members anyway, and the woman who lives at the house with two young children says she would not tolerate any gang members visiting the house.

During the home invasion, another offender threatened to shoot the victim, and slit the throat of the dog at the address.

He demanded money and punched one of the house occupants in the face.

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