Former creche may be sold for $1

20:23, Jun 10 2014

The Christchurch City Council is considering selling part of one of its buildings for $1.

The building, the former home of the North Beach Community Creche, was damaged in the earthquakes, forcing the creche to relocate permanently to North New Brighton School.

A detailed engineering evaluation found it was up to 40 per cent of the new building standard (NBS), but a collapse mechanism was found within the building. The building is insured for $280,604, and repair costs have been estimated at $213,139.

Council staff determined that part of the building could be re-used as a new community centre in the Spencerville area.

The council's community committee has recommended that the council take the insurance payout, then sell part of the building to the Spencerville Residents' Association for $1.

The association would then manage the relocation and re-establishment process, while the council would pay about $30,000 for the remainder of the building to be demolished and the site grassed over.


A decision on what to do with the land would still need to be made. The committee's recommendation will be considered at a council meeting on June 26.

A decision on the future of Bishopdale Community and Library was referred to the council's Annual Plan meetings this month. In June last year, the council agreed to spend about $1.2 million to bring the building up to 100 per cent of the New Building Standard (NBS) although the insurance claim had not been settled.

Revised estimates showed that the project was likely to cost $2.5m, potentially leaving the council with a $1.3m funding shortfall.

Staff are now recommending that the building be repaired to 34 per cent of NBS, including some improvements, for about $1.13m. The Fendalton-Waimairi Community Board recommended that the facility be rebuilt on a smaller scale.

A decision on funding the repair and strengthening of the former St Martins-Opawa Toy Library building was deferred.

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