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01:37, Jun 11 2014

A Christchurch publican hopes to bring a little taste of home to hundreds of international rebuild workers.

Pegasus Arms owner-operator Alex Brackstone has been granted a special licence to be able to open for several big football World Cup matches.

While the celebrations appeared quite ''low key'' in Christchurch, in other parts of the globe the World Cup was a ''huge celebration'', she said.

''The international community has changed so much since the earthquakes and we've got people living and working here from all over the world.

''Christchurch can be a little isolating when you're this far away from home so this is a time to come together, cheer, wave flags and have a bit of a celebration.''

Brackstone said being granted a licence that allowed the bar to open, and serve alcohol, outside the its usual trading hours had required more work than she had expected.


Her first application was declined and she was required to make each match screening a ticketed event.

''The liquor laws are much more community focused now so we had to prove that it's only the true fans who will be coming in at that time in the morning.''

The Pegasus Arms will open outside of usual hours for games involving England, Australia, Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

''Because we couldn't open for all of them... we focused on nationalities where we've received a lot of interest or support from community groups,'' Brackstone said.

The Christchurch District Licensing Committee hearing decision showed members acknowledged the city's rebuild workers.

''The increase in other nationalities now present in Christchurch presents opportunities for national groups to gather in greater numbers than in the past,'' it said.

A Christchurch City Council spokeswoman said only one other application had been received and had not yet been processed.

Bars would not be able to open outside their usual trading, even if no alcohol was served, unless they had been granted a special licence.

The World Cup kicks off Friday morning.

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