Dairy sold psychoactive products

20:37, Jun 12 2014

A woman will appear in court today after police found a Christchurch dairy selling unapproved psychoactive products. 

Christchurch police visited dairies in the city this week targeting the selling of unapproved psychoactive substances. 

Sergeant Chris Barker said cash and bags of the illegal product were found during a search of one dairy in the city.

A 43-year-old woman would appear in the Christchurch District Court today charged with selling a non-approved psychoactive product. 

All synthetic drugs were banned by the Government last month until they could be proven to be low-risk.

Parliament passed legislation under urgency revoking all interim product approvals and interim retail and wholesale licences until Ministry of Health regulations were in place.

Barker said police took the selling of psychoactive substances seriously since it became illegal. 

"Police will continue to monitor and prosecute where appropriate," he said. 


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