Dalziel gets green light for overseas trips

01:05, Jun 13 2014

China, Australia and England are on Christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel's itinerary this year.

Councillors this week approved ratepayer-funded visits by the mayor and elected members to each of Christchurch's six sister cities once every three-year term, including three trips this year.

Dalziel and up to two councillors will wing their way to England's Christchurch England, China and Adelaide in Australia this year. Dalziel will also visiti Kurashiki, Japan, and Songpa-Gu, South Korea, in 2015, and the United States' Seattle in 2016.

Dalziel indicated her husband, Rob Davidson, would not go with her, despite there being a provision for this.

Former mayor Sir Bob Parker was criticised for his wife, Jo Nicholls-Parker, accompanying him on trips, which led to the couple funding her travel themselves.

Parker's visits to America, South Korea, China and Japan last year cost about $14,300.

The travel budget for 2013/14 has about $41,000 remaining, while the budget sits at about $30,000 for 2014/15.


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