Trimmed budget for parks, gardens

19:28, Jun 13 2014

The Christchurch City Council wants to trim the budget for maintenance of the city's parks and gardens.

The Press understands that City Care, the city-owned company in charge of the contract, is facing up to a $2 million cut in this year's budget.

City council manager, parks operations, Ross Campbell said the council was looking at ways to save money and improve efficiency to direct all available council resources to rebuild the city's horizontal infrastructure. This included reducing the parks and gardens budget.

"City Care and council are working together to find efficient and effective ways to deliver maintenance to the city's parks and gardens for less," Campbell said.

This meant less work would be done, for less money.

The parks and gardens contract is one of three the council kept for City Care after the company was formed in 2000, along with water and wastewater, and facilities maintenance. The contracts have been renegotiated and extended several times.

City Care declined to comment as it was still in discussion with the council.


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