Trial hears of 'rough sex' agreement

A prostitute agreed to have rough sex with a man charged with assault, rape and kidnap, but their definitions of the term were "different", a court has heard.

Daniel Juan Daly, 28, is charged with kidnapping, sexually violating, and twice assaulting one woman using a knife as a weapon. He is charged with kidnapping the other woman, assaulting her, five charges of sexually violating her, attempted sexual violation, and rape.

He denies all charges.

The two sex workers involved have been giving evidence to the High Court in Christchurch for the last two days,  before Justice Rachel Dunningham and a jury of 11.

The charges relate to Daly having sex with the two prostitutes in January 2013 after meeting them in central Christchurch. Both women later complained of the rough treatment they had received.

Daly's defence counsel Matt Dixon questioned the second woman about a discussion between her and Daly in his room at the YMCA.

She accepted, "to an extent", that she had agreed to rough sex.

"But obviously, our definitions of rough sex are different," she told the court today.

She said she had agreed to sex with Daly for $1000, but next morning she had been paid only $250.

The trial is due to end on Friday.

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