Deflation looming for World Cup rugby ball

PUMPED UP: The giant rubgy ball before it got that deflated feeling.
PUMPED UP: The giant rubgy ball before it got that deflated feeling.

Sky-high ambitions for The Town Ball restaurant and bar in Christchurch have been deflated.

However, questions still remain over why the bar is closing and what will happen with the inflatable rugby ball.

The ball shot to prominence when used during the 2007 Rugby World Cup to promote the next tournament in New Zealand.

Since then it has been used by Town Ball which has been operating in Christchurch for two years after buying it from Tourism New Zealand.

Communications manager of Tourism New Zealand Deborah Gray said she was out of the loop with what the future held for the inflatable ball. "Our involvement ended when we sold it to the new current owner."

Current owner of the inflatable rugby ball Richard Bethune refused to comment on the situation but in a social media post conveyed the "sad news" of its closure to followers.

"Due to our lease running out unfortunately the ball is come down. We are officially closed for business and The Ball will be deflated on Wednesday," the post said.

The Town Ball furniture has appeared on Trade Me, giving people a chance to grab a piece of what once was.

"It's been an amazing two years that we've been around and we're so happy to have shared our restaurant/night club with you," the bar said in the post.

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