Boy racers blamed for blaze

22:23, Jun 28 2014

A group of boy racers caused trouble for police and the fire service last night, doing burnouts and drinking on the side of the road. 

A Fire Service spokesman said crews attended a car fire on Mcleans Island Rd in Harewood at about 6:15pm yesterday evening. 

"We had a lot of calls from people about the fire...and when crews arrived, there was a large crowd of boy racers on the road and one car was totally burnt out," he said. 

Police this morning were unable to provide many details about the incident but a spokesman said more than 25 boy racers were parked up on the road between Coringa Country Club and the Mcleans Island Golf Club, near Orana Wildlife Park. 

"They were doing burnouts and alcohol could be seen."

He was unsure if any arrests were made.


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