Praying for snow on closed slopes

02:08, Jun 29 2014

While Christchurch residents enjoy a mild winter on the ground, the region's ski resorts are holding out for colder temperatures and a good dump of snow. 

Mt Hutt is busy making snow to keep its main trails open while most other ski fields in Canterbury remain closed because of lack of snow.

The Met Service is forecasting a rainy week in Christchurch with temperatures dropping on Wednesday while scattered snow showers are possible for the Canterbury High Country. 

Mt Hutt area manager James McKenzie said the ski field was ''managing to hold out because of the snow makers''.

''But it's the same across the South Island,'' he said.''It's been pretty mild and we've had quite a bit of rain too.'' 

However, McKenzie said many visiting Australians had been ''impressed and surprised'' by how good the coverage had been despite the lack of snowfall.

The last dump was on June 6 but rain had washed a lot of it away, he said.''We certainly need more snow, there's no question about it.

''It's hard to say what typical June weather is but a lot of people coming up here have been coming for years and years and they remember that quite often June can be dry.''

Porters Ski Area, Mt Dobson, Roundhill, Ohau and Broken Hill remain closed.


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