Beautifoal's new owner well-known activist

01:49, Jul 02 2014
Richard Hayden's horse Beautifoal
NEW HOME: Nikki Subritzky says Beautifoal will be kept in an undisclosed location where she can just 'be a horse'.

The new owner of Christchurch city horse Beautifoal is well-known animal welfare activist, Nikki Subritzky. 

Subritzky made a name for herself seven years ago when she removed horses from a Burnham stud farm without permission. 

A former employee, Subritzky alleged the Emerald Lodge stud was struggling financially and its horses were not being fed enough. 

Nikki Subritzkyf
HORSE LOVER: Nikki Subritzky has bought Beautifoal.

She ''rescued'' five horses from the stud in 2007 and would not tell police or the SPCA where they were being kept.

She faced charges of horse theft, but was acquitted in court in 2010. Subritzky involved police in 2010 when a horse in her care, Molly Bloom, was shot and killed in her paddock. 

The mare left a young foal behind and police were involved to find the shooter. 


She had been trying to remove Beautifoal and another horse, Archiboy, from the care of Richard Hayden. 

Hayden led the horses through Christchurch city streets and allowed people to ride them.

Archiboy was recently put down after breaking loose and being hit by a car in the city. 

Hayden appears before the courts later this month. 

Subritzky said Beautifoal, purchased at auction for $1100, would be kept in an undisclosed location where she would be allowed to ''be a horse''. 

If Hayden attempted to find her, Subritzky said she would move the horse to the North Island.