Waterproofing trial on Avonside home

01:53, Jul 10 2014
37 Retreat Rd, Avonside
TRIAL: A red zone house in Retreat Rd, Avonside, will be used as a testbed for flood-proofing.

A trial to see whether house-tanking could keep flood waters at bay is underway in Christchurch today.

Tanking involves applying a waterproof membrane to the exterior of the house and is one of a range of defence measures the mayoral taskforce on flooding has come up with to reduce the risk to homes in low-lying areas of the city.

The technology though is largely untested in New Zealand so the city council has got permission to do a pilot test on a red-zoned house in Avonside.

Today contractors have begun applying the waterproof membrane to the exterior foundation of the house.

Tomorrow a bund constructed around the property will be filled with water to simulate flooding conditions so the council can see how the membrane performs.

Results of the testing will be made available to the public on Monday.


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