Diamond Harbour reservoir set to run dry

A key reservoir servicing Diamond Harbour is likely to run dry this evening after a likely burst pipe interrupted its normal supply.

Christchurch City Council is urging Diamond Harbour residents to conserve water tonight and possibly through tomorrow morning.

A significant fault within the network interrupted the normal supply and one of the key reservoirs is now at a very low level, council asset and network planning unit manager Terry Howes said.

The reservoir is likely to run dry over the peak period this evening.

"Our contractors are over in Diamond Harbour trying to locate and fix the problem and will work through the night if necessary to ensure supplies are restored as quickly as possible," Howes said.

"In the meantime, we're urging residents to conserve water, as there is a possibility that the water supply could run out."

"We are still trying to pinpoint the exact location of the problem but we are almost certain we are dealing with a large burst pipe."

If needed, council will tanker in water to Diamond Harbour if the water supply cannot be fixed overnight, Howes said.

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