Mayoral Daimler bids pass $23k

01:07, Jul 11 2014
Mayoral daimler
UP FOR AUCTION: Proceeds from the sale of the Mayoral Daimler will go to the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund.

Bids are rolling in during the final hours of a TradeMe auction of Christchurch's mayoral Daimler limousine.

The auction being run by Turners Auctions in association with the Christchurch City Council, at Mayor Lianne Dalziel's instigation, had attracted 130 bids by midday today.

The price tag was sitting at more than $23,300.

By 7.31pm tonight, the car will at long last have a new owner.

According to the questions and answers section on TradeMe, the car's speedometer is in miles per hour and displays 99,449mi.

A potential bidder asked, 'Have you thought of also offering this thing offshore?' to which the answer from Turners Auctions was: ''This car is a one-eyed Cantabrian.''


Another asked if the mayoral chains were included.

Turners Auctions said: ''I do not think they are for sale. I suspect you would have to work pretty hard to get them off their current caretaker. Your next opportunity is still a few years away.''

According to a ''visitor's book'', Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and the late Princess Dianna have all been in the car.

One potential bidder said the vehicle failed to start when Princess Anne visited the city's polytechnic in the 1980s.

''As Princess Anne was approaching the vehicle to leave the venue I had to summons half a dozen big beefy cops to push start the thing. It coughed into life with a push but the cops all swore the hand brake
was on,'' they said.

Turners Auctions said it wished the vehicle could talk, because ''it would have some great tales''.

''Hopefully the new owner gets to create some interesting adventures of their own. There is nothing quite like pushing two tonnes of good British steel for building a stiff upper lip.''

The auction for the Daimler is due to close about 7pm.

Proceeds will go to the Christchurch Earthquake Mayoral Relief Fund.

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