Sentence over home-made gun

05:34, Jul 18 2014

A Kaiapoi man found with an improvised firearm and medical gear stolen from a midwife's car has been given a sentence of community detention and intensive supervision.

An oxygen cylinder stolen from a midwife's vehicle was found in Michael Peter van Slooten's wardrobe. Other medical supplies taken from the car were found in a hot-water cupboard during a search of his home in March.

Police also found a homemade pipe gun capable of firing shotgun cartridges, ammunition, and two methamphetamine pipes at 25-year-old van Slooten's address.

In another incident, van Slooten was unlawfully on a property, and pleaded guilty to that charge today.

Police prosecutor Chris Hunt said van Slooten had been driven in a car – previously stolen in a burglary – to the driveway of a house in Dyers Pass Rd.

The car's driver got out and threw a brick through a window, alerting the householder who came out and tried to catch the pair.


Van Slooten was tracked and caught by a police dog.

Judge Tony Couch said in the Christchurch District Court that van Slooten's pre-sentence report recommended community detention and intensive supervision.

Van Slooten's parents were very supportive of him, and he was starting a rehabilitation course soon, the judge said.

Judge Couch was sentencing van Slooten on five charges and said he had little criminal history. These offences represented a serious change in his behaviour.

The offending related to alcohol and drugs, but van Slooten was motivated to address those issues.

He sentenced van Slooten to four months' community detention with a curfew, and intensive supervision for 12 months with special conditions.

He also ordered the destruction of the pistol and ammunition.

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