Press pictures of the week

20:10, Jul 20 2014
Face painted Argentinian fans
WAR PAINT: Even the face paint started to crack for this Argentinian fan.
Sunrise, jogger, Hagley Park, winter morning
SUNRISE: A hardy jogger braves a frosty winter's morning in Hagley Park.
Summit Rd snow
DUSTING: Snow has settled on parts of Christchurch's Summit Rd.
Jitesh Chetty
NOT CONFIDENT: Jitesh Chetty has been dairy farming in NZ for six years and never voted in an election back in Fiji. He says Fijians can't say anything.
Trevor Ponting
HAVING FUN: Trevor Ponting snowboarding on Mt Hutt.

The snowy weather provided some stunning shots for our gallery of photos of the week. 


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