What you missed over the weekend

Heartbreaking stories unfolded of victims of the MH17 crash over the weekend. One woman, Mary Menke, a Kiwi living in Australia, had family connections to Christchurch. Menke and her husband Gerry were remembered as a loving couple who gave a lot to their small community in Victoria, where Gerry ran an abalone pearl producing company. 

There were many views on the news that a rail option to link Christchurch with North Canterbury had been discounted, with many readers seeing it as short-sighted. The news that taxi drivers were avoiding paying a charge at Christrchurch Airport by dropping passengers before the entrance also created much debate. 

It was revealed that the designer of the Canterbury Television (CTV) building, David Harding, was the principal engineer on a five storey office block in central Christrchurch 20 years after the CTV building. Yet an Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (Ipenz) disciplinary committee hearing last week was told David Harding had not designed a multi-level building since the CTV building. 

After three days of searching the body of missing truck driver Stuart James Barnes was found. Barnes' truck plunged 45 metres down a ravine after coming off State Highway 1 near Hundalee. His body was buried by a slip in the ravine caused by the crash. 

The remarkable efforts of the Christchurch School of Gymnastics, and the young people who train there, was contrasted with the lack effort from support funders to help them. Courtney McGregor is one of five girls at the Christchurch school in NZ's Commonwealth Games gymnastics team.

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