Horse danger hearing to take two days

05:08, Jul 22 2014
richard hayden
RICHARD HAYDEN: Denies a charge of endangering safety with one of his animals.

A judge has set aside two days for a court hearing so it can be conducted in Maori.

Christchurch horseman Richard Hayden, 46, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of leaving his horse in a public place with reckless disregard for people's safety, after it was involved in a car crash in April.

The case went to a case review hearing before Judge Emma Smith in the Christchurch District Court today. Hayden has already been given approval for the trial to take place in Maori.

The police indicated they would call 10 witnesses in a case that alleges one of Hayden's horses was running loose about 7.45pm on April 7 when it was hit by a car on Brougham St. The car was damaged, the driver received minor injuries, and the horse had to be put down.

Judge Smith said that with the number of witnesses and the delays for translation, and then making a decision, the hearing was likely to take two days.

She remanded Hayden on bail to appear at a pre-trial call-over on August 22 for the trial date to be set.


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