Police target boy-racer bad behaviour

19:58, Jul 26 2014

The "unacceptable behaviour" inside Christchurch's boy-racer scene is on the radar of 34 police officers this weekend.

The Canterbury road policing team last night launched Operation Control, and will beef up its presence tonight as it cracks down on speed, alcohol, disorderly behaviour and vehicle compliance.

A team of seven officers is dedicated full time to monitoring boy-racer activities, but road policing manager Inspector Al Stewart believed this weekend's first major operation since summer would significantly reduce boy-racer offending.

"We are over their behaviour and we just need to make sure they are getting the message and complying," he said.

"We have no problem with them talking on the side of their road about their vehicle interests, but our concern is when they start breaking the law and affecting the rest of the community."

That included "smashing bottles and going around damaging property" of homeowners, Stewart said.


In the last major operation in September, police dished out hundreds of tickets, took 50 cars off the road and broke up gatherings during a cruise that attracted an estimated 700 boy racers in Christchurch.

During that four-day operation, involving police, the New Zealand Transport Agency and court bailiffs, authorities witnessed burnouts, street racing and passengers hanging out of the windows of moving cars.

Stewart said boy-racer offending had not reached pre-earthquake levels but their behaviour and attitude towards police was still concerning.

"Some of them can be challenging with police and try to push us, but we won't be tolerating any abusive or threatening behaviour," he said.

Stewart hoped the increased presence would result in fewer offences being committed, as boy racers kept their behaviour in check.

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