Illegal drivers caught in police crackdown

02:30, Jul 27 2014

A crackdown on ''unacceptable'' boy-racer behaviour snared more than 100 illegal drivers over the weekend.

The Canterbury road policing team launched Operation Control on Friday, beefing up its weekend presence to 34 officers.

They were targeting speed, alcohol, disorderly behaviour and vehicle compliance.

Police records from Friday and Saturday show 14 pink or green stickers were issued where police believed a vehicle was not safe to be driven.

Thirty-six drivers were caught breaching their licenses and seven vehicles were impounded. Two people were arrested in relation to wilful damage and two others were charged with excess breath alcohol.

A further 156 people were issued driving infringement notices for offences such as expired registrations. 


Police attended 19 jobs in total over the weekend.

A full-time team of seven officers is dedicated to monitoring boy-racer activities, but road policing manager Inspector Al Stewart said the first such operation since the summer would significantly reduce offending.

''We are over their behaviour and we just need to make sure they are getting the message and complying,'' he said.

In the last major operation on boy racers in September, police dished out hundreds of tickets, took 50 cars off the road and broke up gatherings during a cruise that attracted an estimated 700 drivers in Christchurch.

Stewart said boy-racer offending had not reached pre-earthquake levels, but behaviour and attitude towards police was still concerning.

Argyle On The Park owner Maggie Grant said she noticed the streets were ''a lot quieter'' than usual.

''It's a shame the police don't do it every weekend.''

Grant had received no complaints from guests about the noise which often happened. She knew about the seven full-time police officers but believed that was not enough to patrol the entire city.

''[The cracking down] actually works.''

However Amross Court owner Sue Richardson said the police action did not stop some individuals pulling down her All Blacks flag outside the property.

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