Mark Feary 'relieved to be alive'

NO REGRETS: All Means All decided to quit his hunger strike.
NO REGRETS: All Means All decided to quit his hunger strike.

Canterbury farmer All Means All is "relieved to be alive" after losing about 40 kilograms during his hunger strike behind bars.

All Means All, formerly known as Mark Feary, was released today after serving a four-month sentence in Christchurch Men's Prison for threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key.

All Means All has had disputes with the successive governments for almost 30 years over a property transaction involving his Oxford farm.

He embarked on sending a series of threatening letters to people involved in politics.

All Means All said after his release that he did not regret any of his actions.

"I had no thoughts of how it was going to play out all I thought is 'this is what I have to do'," he said.

His hunger strike started in mid-June because he accused a detective of misconduct in giving evidence at his trial.

All Means All started eating again in his final week of prison after coming to the conclusion that his protest was not having the desired effect.

He accepted food and water in Christchurch Hospital, where he was admitted about four times during his sentence.

He said he lost about 40kg during the hunger strike.

He was about 91kg when he started his prison sentence and got down to about 56kg during the hunger strike, he said.

All Means All, who quit his hunger strike about 10 days ago, said he was now back up to about 70kg. He was "relieved to be alive".

"It occurred to me 'I'm committing suicide'," he said.

All Means All did not know what was next for him, but he did not rule out continuing his crusade - which might include writing more threatening letters.

His overall goal, however, was to fight for the Government to use plain language.

"Words must plainly mean what they mean."