Time to show a little kindness

19:21, Jul 28 2014
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THINK NICE: Random Acts of Kindness Day is on September 1.

Sometimes we get a little bit busy and the simple things can slip right by us.

The annual Random Act of Kindness Day aims to even things out a bit and remind us to pause and do something positive for someone else, just because.

This year on September 1, Canterbury will celebrate the 10th Random Act of Kindness Day.

On this day, everyone is encouraged to do something nice for someone else. They could be a friend, a family member or a complete stranger. It could be a grand gesture or as simple as a compliment which costs you nothing.

Anyone can get involved.

For those who need a little inspiration, there are official events being organised on the day. Organisers are already calling for nominations and entries.


If you'd like to take part in an exclusive treasure hunt, you can submit your video or story-telling organisers about a random act of kindness you have taken part in. Only 20 people will be chosen.

Do you know some special women who live in the red zone and could use a little pampering? Nominate them to be one of eight women chosen for a day of free TLC.

Organisers are also wanting nominations for children (aged 3 to 8 years old) who deserve to be treated to a party.

On top of all this, random little gifts will be given out on the day.

Organiser Feebee Newlands would love to see some schools get involved and embrace the Random Acts of Kindness concept.

Could students do something nice for their community or each other? The options are endless.



Below are the deadlines to nominate or enter the Kindness competitions:

Red zone women, July 31

Treasure hunt, August 20

Children's party, August 1

Send nominations and entries to riseenshine@xtra.co.nz.

Check out Random Acts of Kindness Day at payitforward.kiwi.

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