Thieves kill pregnant sheep for meat

03:04, Jul 30 2014

Police want information on thieves who slaughtered pregnant ewes for meat at a remote Canterbury farm. 

A Birdling's Flat farmer discovered the heads of four sheep and eight dead unborn lambs when he went to check on his flock at his leased Kaitorete Spit property this morning. 

Constable Lyle Pryor, of Akaroa, said the culprits had done a professional butchering job. 

They had cut the sheep's throats, gutted them, taken the carcasses and left the heads behind.

A similar incident happened at the farm about a year ago, leading Pryor to suspect the same culprits may be responsible this time.

''It's a very isolated place. They had to go through a gate and drive around the paddock," he said. 

''It could be the same ones making repeat visits."

Anyone with information on the slaughter or who saw suspicious people in the area was asked to phone the Akaroa police on (03) 304-1030.


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