City council documents fly loose

20:36, Jul 31 2014
city council documents
PRIVACY BREACH: Documents containing personal information is blowing around Christchurch streets from an unsecured room atop the Lichfield St parking building.

Thousands of city council documents filled with personal details, including bankruptcy and medical information, have been flying off the top of a soon to be demolished car parking building.

For weeks, people in the Re:Start Mall and surrounding blocks have been finding parking infringement notices from 2001 - 2003. 

The source has been pinpointed to the top of the city council owned Lichfield car park building.

The infringement notices contain personal details of people appealing parking fines.

Names, addresses, vehicle details, phone numbers are on all.

As supporting information on some are letters from Canterbury District Health Board social workers, cancer wards and neo-natal units asking for parking fines to be waived.


A description of the medical conditions has been included.

Credit checks including bankruptcy details and who money is owed to is also attached to many.

People have been finding the documents in gardens, building sites surrounding the Lichfield car park.

The building is known to be frequented by skaters and at times homeless people

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