School waits for safety report

Redcliffs School is likely to remain in Sumner for another year as it waits to hear if its Main Rd site is safe.

The school has been operating from the van Asch Deaf Education Centre in Sumner since it was forced to abandon its site by two earthquakes in June 2011.

Principal Kim Alexander said the Ministry of Education's engineering firm was waiting on a report from the Christchurch City Council so it could finish its own report on the necessary remedial action.

"The report is the last piece in the puzzle," she said.

The council report looks at land movement above the school to Moa Bone Cave.

Council chief planning officer Mike Theelen said the report was with GNS Science and would not be released until late August.

"The process of finalising the next series of GNS Science reports is taking longer than anticipated, particularly through the peer review phase," Theelen said.

"We recognise this work has a significant effect on people's lives and homes. We want to ensure we make careful, robust decisions based on geotechnical information that has been thoroughly reviewed by international experts."

Alexander said the school's preference was to go back to its Main Rd site, but only if it was safe.

Most school community members felt the same way when they were canvassed in late 2012.

The community would be surveyed again once the school knew how safe the site would be.

Alexander said it was likely the school would remain at van Asch next year.

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