Imag_ne artwork plays on creativity

22:47, Aug 02 2014
WORDPLAY: Benji McDonald sets up artist Emma Anna's Imag_ne artwork in Peterborough Street.

An interactive piece of art playing on people's imaginations has been installed in Christchurch.

Emma Anna's internationally acclaimed public sculpture 'imag_ne' has been placed at a site in Peterborough St.

Measuring more than four metres wide, imag_ne is composed of large wordplay letters that spell out the word 'imagine', but the second 'i' is missing.

This absence operates as a blank canvas, inviting the audience to physically engage with the work in order to complete the word.

Anna hoped people in Christchurch would play and interact with the sculpture.

A social media campaign has also been launched encouraging people to upload photos of themselves interacting with it and and asking them what they imagine for the future of Christchurch. 


imag_ne debuted as part of the Sculpture by the Sea in Bondi, Australia, in 2008 where it was awarded the SXS/Art Gallery of NSW Site Specific Prize.

Anna, originally from Australia, is now based in the Caribbean.

She has held several solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia, Europe and South America. 

In a month, the artwork will be relocated to New Brighton and then on to Sydenham.

It will remain in Christchurch until the end of the year.

Anna was sponsored by than 15 local businesses and organisations including the Christchurch City Council, Cassels & Sons Brewery and Thrifty.

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