Police search for driver of flipped car

05:14, Aug 06 2014
MYSTERY REMAINS: Police say the car was empty but still had its lights on when they found it.

Mystery still surrounds the whereabouts of a driver who flipped his or her car off the Southern Motorway last night.

Christchurch police have not been able to find the occupants of the car, which was found on its roof down a shallow ravine at the Halswell Junction Rd and Springs Rd roundabout about 9.30pm.

Police said the car still had its lights on but was empty when they arrived, and following inquiries today, the location of its occupants continues to mystify authorities.

A police spokeswoman said police dogs were also unable to track down the driver.

Police said it appeared the vehicle was headed east towards the city centre when the driver lost control on the two-lane roundabout.

The car was not reported stolen at the time, and no other vehicles were involved.  


According to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), there have been five reported crashes at the Halswell Junction Rd and Springs Rd roundabout since the Christchurch Southern Motorway opened in December 2012.

This has resulted in three minor injuries.

"Considering the volume of traffic using the new Southern Motorway, the number of reported crashes are within the levels of what we would expect," NZTA highway manager Colin Knaggs said.

He said an average of 21,500 drivers use the motorway every day.

Information related to this incident can be passed on the Christchurch police on 03 3637400.

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