IMP roadshow arrives in Christchurch

The Internet-Mana Party roadshow showed off its new Christchurch candidates at the Transitional Cathedral last night while promising to invigorate New Zealand politics.

The roadshow, which began in Northland, has made its way south trying to spark interest in the party's vision for the country.

Health sector worker Beverley Ballantine, 23, said she had the ''monumentous'' task of ''taking down'' Gerry Brownlee in the Ilam electorate. 

She said ''political disengagement'' was a ''modern-day plague'' and vowed to make ''politics mean something''.

IT worker Lois McClintock said it was ''pretty weird'' to be standing in the Wigram electorate because she had never voted before.

''I was one of the disengaged demographic with no interest in politics.''

However, the party had given her an opportunity to contribute to society, she said. 

Kim Dotcom, the force behind the party, said it was amazing how many people had an appetite for change.

''We are going to bring something really fresh and really new to this country and that is direct democracy.''

Party leader Laila Harre said Christchurch had stood as a beacon for all New Zealanders, and invited the crowd to be part of the change the party represented.

''You know more than anyone else . . . what the failure record of this Government means for communities.''

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