Petrol scammer apologises to victims

04:57, Aug 08 2014
Kim Michael David Barwell
GUILTY PLEAS: Kim Michael David Barwell has admitted charges of causing loss by deception.

A repeat petrol scammer has apologised to his victims after admitting 10 more charges of causing loss by deception.

Kim Michael David Barwell, a 48-year-old Riccarton labourer, told people he had left his wallet was stolen, left at home, or his new bank card was not working.

Victims handed Barwell amounts of $20 up to $200.

The guilty pleas were entered at a pre-trial session in the Christchurch District Court today.

Barwell told his victims at the time that he would send money in the mail, and took down their addresses.

Police prosecutor Glenn Henderson said since being arrested Barwell had written apologies to some complainants, and offered to pay them back.


Some victims were elderly and fearful that he knew where they lived, he said.

Barwell said he had paid a full reparation of $755 to the court.

Judge Raoul Neave said some charges may be withdrawn as the victims said they did not expect to get their money back, but they would still be paid the reparation.

He did not convict Barwell so that he could finish a course in prison, and remanded him in custody for sentencing on October 14.

Barwell was convicted for similar offending in January 2013 where Judge Noel Walsh said: "I unreservedly find that you are an incorrigible rogue and a liar and you have no sense of morality."

At that time, he was given a prison sentence of 16 months on 65 charges, including some thefts, and had to pay reparation of $5080.

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