Bus hits power pole in Linwood

00:22, Aug 15 2014
Bus crash Linwood
BUS CRASH: An Orbiter bus has crashed into a power pole at the Linwood Ave-Buckleys Rd intersection.

An Orbiter bus has crashed into a power pole, causing a three-car pile-up and traffic congestion in Linwood. 

Police said the bus hit a power pole at the corner of Aldwins Rd and Linwood Ave, about 9.30am. 

Moments later, three "rubber-necking" drivers crashed nose-to-tail, causing minor injuries to seven people. 

"They were all looking at the crash," a police spokesman said. 

The bus was not carrying any passengers and the bus driver was uninjured. 

A St John Ambulance spokesman said seven people from the three crashed cars suffered minor injuries, but none required hospital treatment. 

The traffic lights were out as a result. 

"I think the main issue from this accident was the congestion it caused at the intersection," a St John spokesman said.


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