Eagle-eyed officer nabs alleged burglar

19:28, Aug 15 2014
TEARFUL GOODBYE: A woman speaks with police after her partner was arrested in Christchurch.

An alleged burglar kissed his tearful lover goodbye when he was taken down in a dramatic arrest in Woolston today.

Christchurch police were patrolling near the Ferry Rd and Hargood St intersection about 10am, when an eagle-eyed officer spotted a 36-year-old man believed to be wanted for a burglary and theft.

A witness said the man was in the back seat of a car with two others when police zeroed in on him outside the Mobil service station on Ferry Rd. As the man was handcuffed, he kissed a distraught woman goodbye before he was taken away in the police car.

Detective Sergeant Don Fisher said a burglar had managed to get away after an Addington homeowner caught him inside their house on Monday.

This offender then stole two laptops and a wallet containing bank cards from a car on Lincoln Rd on Wednesday before trying to pinch money from a till in a shop in the area.

The man used the bank cards to go on a spending spree around five Christchurch petrol stations, racking up hundreds of dollars, Fisher said.

Fisher put the arrest down to "good basic policing".

Fisher said the man would appear in Christchurch District Court tomorrow morning, charged with burglary and the theft from the car.


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