The Four Avenues: Which is the fourth?

00:15, Aug 18 2014

What is the definition of the Four Avenues of Christchurch?

Three are easy - Moorhouse, Fitzgerald and Bealey avenues.

But which avenue is the western one - Deans or Rolleston Ave? Is it Hagley Park or Christchurch Hospital that are within the Four Avenues?

According to Edward Jollie's 1850 survey of Christchurch when it was still a town, it was bounded by Salisbury, Barbadoes, Antigua and St Asaph streets. Sections for business or residential were sold within those limits, with reserves surrounding the city on all four sides.

By 1966, the Encyclopedia of New Zealand said the four avenues were Moorhouse, Fitzgerald, Bealey and Rolleston.

However, the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority defines Deans Avenue as the defining boundary for the new CBD. The Christchurch City Council also points to Deans Avenue.

Thus, Hagley Park and Christchurch Hospital are both within the Four Avenues.


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