Fleeing driver crashes stolen van

02:03, Aug 18 2014
van crash
VANS CRASH: A member of the public pursued an allegedly stolen van, which then crashed into another in Bridge St.

Two people have been arrested after a stolen van crashed into another van in Christchurch.

A police spokesman said a member of the public was following the suspected van thieves and saw them crash into a van heading in the opposite direction on Bridge St, New Brighton.

The crash happened about 10.30am, sending the drivers of both vans to Christchurch Hospital.

Police said two people had been arrested, including the driver of the stolen van who was being treated for an eye injury.

Neither driver was believed to have been seriously injured.

The member of the public who had been following the stolen van was speaking to police, the spokesman said.


Flooring Centre Christchurch manager Carlos Navarro said his worker had been travelling to a job in New Brighton when he was hit by the stolen van.

The driver, aged in his 20s, was taken to hospital to be checked over.

"He said he's sweet as. He just feels dizzy."

Navarro said he suspected the van would be written-off, as the force of the crash had spun it right around.

"It basically pushed him around. It's scary s***."

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