Fundraising kicks off for fleeced woman

06:25, Aug 19 2014
Graham Tait sits with Hilary Port
SCAMMED: Graham Tait sits with Hilary Port, who was scammed out of $3000 after paying a deposit for a rental house that wasn’t owned by the man she paid.

A concerned Cantabrian has started a fundraising campaign to get a woman fleeced of almost $3000 her money back.

Hilary Port was conned into giving a man $2800 after he convinced her his mother owned a house she could rent.

However, the house belonged to someone else - but by then the man already had the money.

Police arrested and charged the alleged offender earlier today.

Simon Woodley has since started a campaign on Givealittle to get Port her money back.

She has been forced to live in a holiday park cabin while she figures out what to do. 

Woodley said he was "disheartened" as a landlord and Cantabrian to hear of Port's situation.

"I felt I had to do something to help. I hope she will be able to find a new home which suits her, and I would like her to have the money to do this."


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