Council approves $45m for communities

21:14, Sep 04 2014
Sumner library
NOW DEMOLISHED: The crumbling Sumner library pictured in January 2013.

Community libraries and pools will be repaired or rebuilt first as part of a $40 million spending programme announced by the city council.

New Brighton is also to get $5 million for a legacy project.

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"It's not all of the money that will be spent on the legacy project but we have set aside within our borrowing facility $5m for the New Brighton legacy project,'' Mayor Lianne Dalziel announced.

In all the council has set aside around $29m for the repair and rebuild of community facilities and a further $11m for heritage facilities.

The funding will come from the council's Facilities and Infrastructure Improvement New Borrowing Allowance ahead of insurance discussions being finalised on the facilities. The proceeds of any insurance claim will be returned to the allowance.

Dalziel said work will begin immediately on many of the facilities now that funding has been approved. The focus was on repairing earthquake-damaged buildings that are closed and rebuilding facilities that have been demolished.

It was expected that much of the repair work would be completed within the next year and it was likely to take up to two years for all the new priority facilities to be rebuilt. "Making a decision on which facilities to prioritise for funding has been based on feedback to community boards about the facilities residents want to see repaired and rebuilt,'' Dalziel said.

"This is a very real signal that we are committed to continuing to repair and rebuilding the facilities that matter the most to our residents.

"While the council has already carried out repairs to facilities across the city, we recognise that it's time to accelerate this process, which is why we've made the decision to commit funding before completing our insurance discussions on these priority facilities."

In the February 22, 2011 earthquake Sumner lost three key community facilities -  the historic museum building, the Sumner Community Centre and the Sumner library.

Those facilities will be replaced with a  new combined facility which has has a library, a museum display area, and community office on the ground floor and a community hall, kitchen and further museum space on the first floor. The new facility is expected to cost $10.2 million.

Bishopdale is also to get a new library and community centre.

The council had been considering simply repairing the existing combined facility at a cost of $1.2 million but it has been persuaded by local residents and the Fendalton-Waimairi Community Board to spend an extra $2.8 to get a brand new facility that will better serve the needs of the local community.

Shirley will also get a new community centre.





Shirley Library 

New Brighton Library/Pier Terminus

QEII Groundsmens Workshop and Offices

Clare Park - Pavilion/Toilet and Football Association

Withells Island Reserve (Owles Tce) Waka/Lifesaving/Classrooms



Duvauchelle Reserve and Campgound - all buildings

Akaroa Museum and Customs House

Akaroa Service Centre


Port Levy Pool Changing Rooms and Plant Shed



Bishopdale Community Centre/Library



Tram Barn - Tramway Lane

Dog Pound in Metro Place

Hagley Park North - Bandsman Memorial Rotunda

Scarborough Beach - jet boat shed

Linwood Library Support BuildingLinwood Resource Centre

Rose Historic Chapel


Sumner Community Centre & Library

TBC:Cuthberts Green facilities

Lyttelton/Mt Herbert:


Lyttelton Library

Stoddarts Cottage

Governors Bay School Headmasters House


Lyttelton Service Centre

Governors Bay Community Centre & Pottery Shed



Upper Riccarton Library 

Sockburn Recreation Centre- Squash centre 

Halswell Quarry Old Stone House

Halswell Quarry Crusher Building

Halswell Quarry Singlemans Quarters

Mona Vale GatehouseMona Vale Lodge

TBC:Riccarton Community Centre


Repairs:Papanui Library

Rebuild/replacement:Shirley Community Centre



Spreydon Library

Opawa St Martins Toy Library

Old Stone House (Cracroft)

Risingholme Homestead

Risingholme Hall 

Sign of the Kiwi


Spreydon/Heathcote Community Facility (former St Martins Public Library)

Milton St Depot

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