Words of inspiration for students

19:55, Sep 21 2014
Jack Tame

Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT) students have been urged to make the most of their education by one its most high-profile graduates.

Jack Tame, TVNZ's United States correspondent, yesterday challenged spring graduates to set goals and not "sit on their hands".

"Go home and work out in your own head what you would do if you couldn't fail," he told the group at Horncastle Arena.

Tame was 17 when he began a diploma in broadcasting at CPIT.

During his time at CPIT, he had "hustled" for work experience at TVNZ and TV3 and was offered an internship on the Breakfast show with Paul Henry.

Henry had delighted in teasing the young Tame, including organising strippers to embarrass him on his birthday.


"It was a very professional working environment," he joked.

Tame said his desire to experience life through his work had forced him to take risks.

Moving to the US had posed many challenges, including not being taken seriously by his peers there.

"No-one would believe I was a foreign correspondent. I was like, 'Yeah, I'm 24. New Zealand's got no money for foreign correspondents, what up?' "

After listing the incredible opportunities his job had given him, he urged the students to chase their own dreams.

The biggest mistake people made was underestimating the opportunity education provided.

"You have already been exposed to opportunity. The challenge to you now now is to seek it and to keep seizing it," Tame said.

Not making the most of their education would be an insult to those who did not have that opportunity, he said.

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