Couple tie knot in nude

MAN AND WIFE: Shane and Cherie pictured in their wedding `outfits' this morning.
MAN AND WIFE: Shane and Cherie pictured in their wedding `outfits' this morning.

Christchurch couple Cherie Taylor and Shane Carson married in the nude in the Bay of Islands this morning.

The pair exchanged vows, wearing carefully placed sequins, in front of 48 guests, on board a luxury catamaran live on The Edge and on TV3's Sunrise. See the footage.

They were among five couples chosen by radio station The Edge to face off in a competition dubbed "Nudie Nuptials", and shed their competitors to take the top prize of a $100,000 wedding.

Instead of the traditional dress and suit, the couple were bronzed and buffed for their big day. 

Shane was painted with a simple bow tie and buttonhole, and Cherie looked stunning 'in white,' with subtle flower petals covering the necessary bits.

When asked if she was nervous walking down the aisle, Cherie said, "I was at first, I couldn't breathe.  But when I saw Shane, the focus was on him - it was perfect." 

When Cherie reached Shane, nervous smiles and whispers were exchanged.  After the ceremony, the couple were comfortable in their own skin, "I'm very, very happy - she's my wife now," said Shane. 

Jay-Jay Feeney of The Edge Morning Madhouse said "Once the traditional part of the wedding started, you forgot they weren't wearing any clothes.  It was just like any other wedding. There were still tissues being passed around by all the girls there."

Shane's Grandad, Harold Carson was happy to be here for the special day.

Asked if it was weird for him to see Shane naked as a grown man, Harold replied: "He looks the same as what he did when he was a little boy."

The naked wedding took place on board the Great Sights Overnight Cruise Ship in Opua Bay in the Bay of Islands.

Tomorrow Shane and Cherie will leave the boat for 'Eagles' Nest' luxury accommodation where they'll spend two nights for their honeymoon.

The winners of The Edge's Nudie Nuptials competition were announced as rival station ZM decides on a winner for its unusual promotion, You, Me, And Baby Makes 3, which offers listeners the chance to win a visit to Los Angeles to visit a fertility specialist who will try to get the winner pregnant.

New Zealand Broadcasting School course leader Mark Aldridge said radio stations need more unusual promotions to attract and keep their audience.

But ZM operations manager Christian Boston said the promotion was not lighthearted, or an attempt to get ratings.

"This is serious and is being treated accordingly. It has never been sold as a 'win a baby'.

"Being a music and entertainment station we usually don't take ourselves too seriously, but with this we are."

Boston said the station was doing what it had always done.

The Edge programme director Leon Wratt said the station, which had a history of controversial promotions, was not getting more extreme.

In 2001 The Edge ran a promotion called Bank It, Or Burn in which listeners voted on whether the winner of a competition was allowed to keep $5000 or whether they had to burn it.

"We ran into a problem when the ex National Party leader Don Brash ended up ringing me and told me we couldn't burn New Zealand dollars so we got Australian cash and burned that instead," Wratt said.

The station also ran The Fat Bastard in 2001, a competition to see who could gain the most weight.

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