Pitbull mauls family dog to death in lounge

21:22, Feb 03 2010
HORRIFIED: Jo Lethbridge and son James tried to save their dog Bizza from a pitbull which walked into their house and attacked the small dog.

A Christchurch family saw their pet dog mauled to death by a pitbull in their lounge.

Jo Lethbridge, of Bryndwr, was at home last Saturday night with sons James and Timothy when a blue-nosed pitbull wandered into their lounge through an open back door.

The family's pet dog, Bizza, approached the pitbull, which suddenly "grabbed him and started shaking him".

MAULED: Bizza, the griffon-shi tzu cross, was killed by a pitbull.

The pitbull ran away after killing Bizza.

"We all jumped on him to try to open his jaws and get [Bizza] out, but he was just too strong," Jo Lethbridge said.

Bizza, a griffon-shih tzu cross, had been in the family for 10 years, she said.


"He was just a little lap-dog - a beautiful, loving companion - and he was always there for you."

Lethbridge said she was "distressed" about the Christchurch City Council's response to the attack.

"We gave the dog-control officer a few addresses where the pitbull might be, but we've heard nothing.

"As far as we're concerned, it could still be around here waiting to grab some kid."

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, said she called the council last year when she was rushed by the same dog outside her property.

"I went out to check the letterbox and it flew out at me from behind a bush. All I could see was the teeth coming at me."

She was not bitten in the incident.

Lethbridge, who was bitten on the leg by the pitbull, said she was afraid to go near other dogs after Saturday night's attack.

"I'm just nervous all the time now," she said.

"I see a pitbull walking down the street and I start panicking, so my children have to reassure me that it's not the same dog."

She said pitbulls were "vicious animals" that should not be kept as pets.

Council officers could not be reached for comment last night.

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