Cadbury calls for feedback on Moro

20:15, Mar 22 2010

As Australian-made Moro bars hit New Zealand shelves, its makers are preparing fans for a difference in taste.

Cadbury – makers of Moro bars, Minties, Roses boxed chocolates and scores of other sweets – began producing confectionery lines offshore last year.

Basic recipes remained the same, but locally sourced ingredients, new equipment and processes created different-tasting food.

The consumer backlash was swift, with New Zealanders saying Thai-made Minties tasted less minty and felt less chewy.

The Australian-made Moro bar was unleashed on the New Zealand public on Friday, and Cadbury admitted the taste would not be the same.

Cadbury spokesman Daniel Ellis said Moro taste tests, using about 200 staff, concluded the texture was softer and the chocolate colour was lighter.


"But we'll tweak until we get it 100 per cent right," he said.

Cadbury New Zealand managing director Matthew Oldham wants Kiwi consumers to provide taste feedback.

"Making a chocolate bar in a different factory is like making a cake in a different kitchen; you can't always guarantee it will turn out exactly the same.

"Though we've been working hard to get it right, there may be some slight changes noticeable in the initial batches of Moro made in our Australian factory."

People can participate in a survey at or by calling 0800 CADBURY.

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