Glassons staff 'expected to wear latest'

20:32, May 15 2010
FASHION FORWARD: Camila Nieuwlands, former manager at the South City Centre Glassons says staff were expected to wear the chain's latest season's clothes.

Staff at a popular women's clothing chain feel pressured into wearing the firm's latest fashions, a former manager says.

Camila Nieuwlands, 25, a former manager of the South City Centre Glassons, said staff felt they had to spend their wages buying up-to-date Glassons fashion.

She wanted to speak out on the issue to raise awareness.

"Glassons haven't done anything illegal. But there is no way the staff know that they are allowed to wear non-Glassons clothing or not the current season's products," she said.

"The staff aren't very well informed of their rights."

Nieuwlands, who was assistant manager at several Christchurch Glassons stores, said: "As managers, we have been told we have to get our staff members to wear new season's clothing and we (the managers) have to wear new season's clothing.


"We had store evaluations where ... we were told off if the staff weren't presented properly.

"These girls are paid a really low wage and a lot of it is paid back into the company."

Glassons managing director Di Humphries said it was not mandatory for staff to wear new season's Glassons clothing.

"Glassons have not stipulated that it is mandatory for employees to wear new season's Glassons clothing at all times. Employees of Glassons are always encouraged to wear Glassons products and are offered a substantial staff discount."

National Distribution Union (NDU) retail secretary Maxine Gay said it was common for companies to pressure retail staff into wearing their clothing. "Of course, no-one says `if you don't wear this you are going to be sacked'. But if you don't wear the clothes you're obviously not committed to the company and don't receive advancement, pay rises or promotions."

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